Receptionist at the office our emergency dentist in Randwick

Emergency Dentist and Care in Randwick

At Randwick and Sydney City Dental, we offer an extensive range of dental services, including emergency care.  Whether you have suffered trauma to your teeth, lips or face, have a fractured tooth or are experiencing swelling or pain in or around your mouth, our caring dental surgery teams will ensure you get prompt care.

A fractured tooth can be a sign of decay within the tooth which has weakened the harder outer surface.  With prompt treatment, including fillings, inlays or crowns, and ongoing care, we can help fractured teeth be restored back to their original state.

Swelling may mean that you have an infection and getting attention as soon as you can will help stop any infection spreading.  Pain can be an indicator of an underlying problem and toothache is no exception.

If you're suffering from swelling in or around your mouth or have pain in your mouth, teeth, gums or jaw, our experienced professional dental staff can investigate and assess your situation to identify the cause and treat it accordingly.  

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