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Having clean and healthy teeth is not the only reason you should want to brush and floss regularly. There’s more research every day showing strong associations between gum disease and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, poor pregnancy outcomes, and even higher risks for certain cancers.

Taking your child to an experienced and knowledgeable children’s dentist near Eastern Suburbs Sydney is one of the first steps to ensuring your child avoids any serious health complications due to not cleaning their teeth properly. Randwick City Dental employs experienced children’s dentists near the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney who work hard to teach children the importance of oral hygiene during their visit.

Tooth decay doesn’t seem as dangerous as gum disease at first, but a decaying tooth can cause a lot of pain and, once the tooth has been lost, you will be left with a lot more health issues. It’s important you visit a dentist near the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney to get the quality care and service your teeth need. Randwick & Sydney City Dental offers dentist and emergency dentist services near the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

If you are worried about your oral hygiene or want to know more about how gum disease or tooth decay can affect your health, then contact Randwick & Sydney City Dental. Our services include general dentistry, emergency dentist, and children’s dentist near the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

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